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Posted: Thu-Jun-2017

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Brexit: EU citizens offered 'UK settled status' by PM May
They will be treated as UK citizens for healthcare, education benefits and pensions, says the UK PM. ... read more

Greek rubbish strike causes stink
For days, piles of rubbish have mounted in cities across Greece in a dispute over thousands of jobs. ... read more

Exploding cream dispenser kills French fitness blogger
The popular Instagram figure was struck in the chest and died of a heart attack, French media say. ... read more

Pesto excluded from liquid ban by Italian airport
Genoa airport in northern Italy now allows pesto in hand luggage in exchange for a charity donation. ... read more

Fruit and veg farmers facing migrant labour shortages
Growers are already having difficulty recruiting pickers and fear it could get harder post-Brexit. ... read more

Dublin students cause grass fire burning books
A celebration by Dublin school leavers backfires as books they were burning cause a grass fire. ... read more

Prince Harry says no royal wants to be king or queen
The prince says royals are doing it "for the greater good", in an interview with a US magazine. ... read more

Russian defence minister's plane 'buzzed' by Nato jet
But a Russian escort jet then intervenes, chasing away the Nato aircraft, Russian media reports say. ... read more

German MPs back pullout from Turkey's Incirlik airbase amid row
Aircraft and troops will relocate to Jordan following a diplomatic row between the Nato allies. ... read more

London council chief quits amid Grenfell criticism
Nicholas Holgate says he is "heartbroken" by the tower block fire in which at least 79 people died. ... read more

Wimbledon champion Boris Becker declared bankrupt
The three-time champion owed a substantial sum to an investment company. ... read more

Russians build three-car fidget spinner
Motor enthusiasts attempt a motorised version of the cult toy, and very nearly succeed. ... read more

Bridge over Troubled Water: Grenfell single with Stormzy and Liam Payne released
Stars including Stormzy, Liam Payne and Craig David record a cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water. ... read more

Future of energy on show in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan's Expo 2017 provides a taste of what could be the future of greener and renewable energy. ... read more

Dave Grohl's daughter plays drums with Foo Fighters
The Foo Fighters star's eight-year-old daughter, Harper, shows off her drumming skills on stage at a festival in Iceland. ... read more

Portugal fire eyewitness calls for an inquiry into fire
People "didn't need to die the way they've died", says Portugal forest fire eyewitness Caleb Cluff. ... read more

Portugal forest fire: Drone footage shows burnt-out cars
Drone video shows burnt-out cars in the Pedrógão Grande area, where a fire has left 62 people dead. ... read more

Locked out
As Germany's political elite grieves unity chancellor Helmut Kohl, a private war divides his family. ... read more

Deadly journey
Smugglers are still moving migrants across Central Europe despite the deaths of 71 people in 2015. ... read more

Flee or stay put?
A villager lost his wife and daughters tragically in the Portugal wildfire, James Reynolds reports. ... read more

Boeing's South Carolina plant will cut about 200 jobs after the company had buyouts earlier this year
The South Carolina Boeing plant where President Trump gave a speech promising to protect U.S. jobs says it's laying off workers.
... read more

Trump's job claims vs. the numbers
... read more

How Boeing got on Trump's good side
The CEO of Boeing has the ear of President Trump.
... read more

Boeing to U.S.: Put tariffs on Canadian rival Bombardier
Boeing has asked U.S. trade officials to slap tariffs on a Canadian rival it says is gets unfair government support, the latest sign of growing tensions between the two major trading partners.
... read more

Five airlines want you to fly supersonic again
The list of airlines that want to bring back supersonic travel is growing.
... read more

Obama: Senate proposal 'not a health care bill'
President Barack Obama on Thursday spoke out against a proposed GOP Senate bill that dismantles the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.
... read more

Sanders: GOP health care bill is barbaric
Sen. Bernie Sanders tells CNN's Anderson Cooper that the Republican health care bill is the "most harmful piece of legislation" he has seen in his life.
... read more

4 GOP Senators say they can't support bill
At least three Republican senators are expected to publicly oppose the Senate's health care proposal Thursday afternoon, a Senate GOP source familiar with their plans told CNN.
... read more

White House commission to investigate voter fraud hasn't even met yet
On Super Bowl Sunday this year, President Donald Trump told Fox News that Vice President Mike Pence would head a commission into voter fraud allegations -- ones that he made, claiming that between three to five million people voted illegally in the 2016 election.
... read more

Closed-door meeting held over Pelosi
Around the same time House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was declaring she had broad support to remain the top Democratic leader and jabbing back at her critics, a group of her colleagues met privately to brainstorm on whether there was a way to force her out.
... read more

White House responds to Trump's tweet
Deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters President Donald Trump's tweet about not having tapes of his conversations with James Comey has given clarity to the situation, but would not say why Trump tweeted about tapes in the first place.
... read more

Tapper: Comey's plan worked
President Donald Trump tweeted that he did not record his conversations with fired FBI Director James Comey, ending weeks of speculation kick-started by the President himself.
... read more

Opinion: What Trump says that others won't
GOP's thinking that wealth equates with virtue is not new, Trump is just willing to say it. The problem is that in domestic policy, it favors the rich over the poor, says Paul Waldman.
... read more

Coal company CEO sues John Oliver
... read more

US, Japan missile interception test fails
A US and Japanese missile test conducted in Hawaii missed its target, but both militaries stopped short of calling it a failure.
... read more

Trump's plan for 5-year welfare ban for immigrants is already law
President Donald Trump proposed Wednesday night reforming the welfare system by putting into law a statute that has been the law of the land since 1996.
... read more

Sniper hit ISIS target 2 miles away, Canadian military says
A Canadian special operations sniper successfully hit an ISIS fighter from a record-breaking distance of more than two miles away while assisting Iraqi forces in the push to retake Mosul, according to Canadian Special Operations Command.
... read more

Official: N. Korea tests rocket engine
Tensions between the US and North Korea continue to rise after North Korea tested a rocket engine, according to US officials. CNN's Brian Todd reports.
... read more

Marines halt F-35 flights at air station
The US Marine Corps announced Thursday that it would "temporarily suspend" flight operations for 14 F-35B fighters due to software issues.
... read more

Cosby plans town halls on sex assault
Bill Cosby will hold a series of town halls to educate young people on sexual assault, his publicists said.
... read more

Trump Wanted 'Heart' in the GOP Health Care Bill. He Didn't Get It
The Senate bill is easy to summarize: It cuts health spending and uses the savings to finance large tax cuts for wealthy Americans and medical companies. ... read more

Key Senate Conservatives Won't Support GOP Health Care Bill Yet
Four key Republican senators announced they will not vote for the GOP health care bill unless changes are made, putting passage of the bill at risk. ... read more

Coats to House Investigators: Trump Obsessed With Russia Probe
Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, told House investigators Thursday that President Trump seemed obsessed with the Russia probe and repeatedly asked him to say publicly there was no evidence of collusion, a U.S. official familiar with the conversation told NBC News. ... read more

Amid Controversy, Trump's Approval Remains Low But Steady
Support from Republicans is keeping Trump afloat, with his approval rating essentially unchanged over the past two months. ... read more

Advisers Don't Want Trump Talking About Russia. But He Is
Trump's senior staff urged Trump not to talk about Russia during his Wednesday rally speech in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, one senior official told NBC News. ... read more

Democrats Lead on Health Care, GOP on the Economy, New Poll Shows
A new NBC/WSJ poll shows that Democrats have the advantage on handling health care, but Republicans get credit for the economy and changing D.C. ... read more

Trump: I Did Not Record Conversations With James Comey
President Donald Trump on Thursday tweeted that there he did not record his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey. ... read more

Inmates Who Saved Collapsed Guard Get Reduced Sentences
Six convicts are getting their sentences shortened after saving a guard who collapsed on duty last Monday in Polk County, Georgia. ... read more

Stephen Hawking Wants Humans to Reach Other Worlds Via a Beam of Light
Stephen Hawking reiterated his belief that humans need to explore space to avoid the dangers of our own finite world at a recent arts and science festival in Norway. ... read more

Juror Says Bill Cosby 'Already Paid His Price'
One member of the hung jury in Bill Cosby's mistrial said the panel was deeply divided from the very start of its marathon deliberations. ... read more

Pelosi Strikes Back, Declaring 'I Think I'm Worth the Trouble'
WASHINGTON — Pushing back on criticism following a Democratic loss in a Georgia special election this week, Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she's "worth the trouble" as Democrats' leader in the House. ... read more

Virginia Man Charged With Spying for China
A Virginia man who worked for the State Department was charged Thursday with espionage, accused of selling classified documents to a person he believed was working for a Chinese intelligence agency. ... read more

Archbishop: Church of England Hid Decades-Long Sex Abuse
The Church of England "colluded" with and helped to hide the long-term sexual abuse of young men by one of its former bishops, the head of the church said Thursday. ... read more

Wisconsin Lawmakers Push Bill That Would Expel Campus Hecklers
The Wisconsin state Assembly has passed a Republican-backed bill that would allow college administrators to expel students for "disrupting" campus speakers. ... read more

Men Can't Pick Who They Sit Beside on Planes, Israeli Court Rules
The case pitted Renee Rabinowitz, an 82-year-old who fled the Nazis during World War II, against Israel's national carrier El Al. ... read more

U.S. Fails to Shoot Down Ballistic Missile in Test
An American attempt to gauge the military's ability to shoot down medium- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles failed Wednesday night. ... read more

'Angel of Death' Nurse Indicted on More Child-Killing Charges
Genene Jones, who's already serving 99 years in a Texas prison, has been indicted in the deaths of two more infants and is suspected in dozens more. ... read more

These Three Things May Be Best Hope for Delaying Memory Loss
Few things are really proven to delay memory loss. Here are the best bets. ... read more

I Chased an Eclipse at 60,000 Feet (and Set a World Record)
Miles above the ground, one of the world's most renowned solar eclipse experts spent a record-breaking 74 minutes in totality aboard a supersonic jetliner that flew twice the speed of sound. ... read more

'Ear Hustle': A Podcast From Behind Prison Walls
San Quentin prisoners Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams along with teacher Nigel Poor have created what may be the first podcast from inside a federal prison. ... read more

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