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Posted: Mon-Jul-2017

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Poland court reforms: PM Beata Szydlo vows to fight for change
Beata Szydlo pledges to pursue controversial reforms despite "pressure from the street and abroad". ... read more

Turkey's Cumhuriyet journalists in terrorism trial
If found guilty, the 17 writers and managers could be jailed for decades. ... read more

French philosopher Dufourmantelle drowns rescuing children
The French philosopher, who wrote a book called Praise of Risk, dies trying to save two children. ... read more

Rome hit by water rationing as Italy struggles with drought
The cost to Italy's agriculture is estimated to be about €2bn ($2.3bn; £1.8bn), farmers say. ... read more

Charlie Gard parents end legal fight for 'beautiful' baby
Letting "gorgeous" Charlie go is "the hardest thing we'll ever have to do", his parents say. ... read more

Sweden data leak 'a disaster', says PM
The Transport Agency exposed reams of sensitive data during an outsourcing process. ... read more

Switzerland chainsaw attack: Police hunt Schaffhausen attacker
Five people were injured in the town of Schaffhausen after being attacked with a chainsaw. ... read more

Syria war: Russia sends police to southern 'safe zones'
The move marks a key step in the implementation of so-called 'de-escalation zones' in Syria. ... read more

Monaco's Mendy in £52m City move
Benjamin Mendy completes his £52m transfer to Manchester City from Monaco to become the world's most expensive defender. ... read more

Robert Kubica to test 2017 Renault in Hungary next week
Robert Kubica’s return from life-changing injuries will take a step up when he drives a 2017 Renault at a test in Hungary on 2 August. ... read more

Royal Welsh Show: Michael Gove's pragmatic Brexit approach
Michael Gove says he is "pragmatic" and "open-minded" on the approach to farming in Britain at it leaves the EU. ... read more

Ryanair makes 'non-binding' offer for Alitalia
The Italian airline could be wound up unless a buyer can be found by the autumn. ... read more

Dali's moustache 'intact at 10 past 10', exhumation finds
The comments by the painter's foundation come after his body was dug up to settle a paternity case. ... read more

Girl, 5, fined £150 for lemonade stand
The young girl burst into tears after Tower Hamlets Council issued a fine for selling 50p drinks to festival goers. ... read more

Europe’s forgotten migrant crisis?
Migrants in Lesbos are protesting about being trapped in Greece and risking deportation to Turkey. ... read more

The pop star linked to the Donald Trump Russia saga
Emin Agalarov is embroiled in the storm over alleged links between Donald Trump and Russia. ... read more

Couples take part in Belarus wife-carrying race
Couples take part in Belarus wife-carrying race ... read more

Turkey and Greece earthquake: CCTV captures people fleeing cafe
The moment a 6.7-magnitude quake hit parts of Turkey and Greece has been captured on the CCTV of a cafe in Bodrum. ... read more

Superyacht hub
How Italian seaside city Viareggio became a hub for the superyacht manufacturing industry. ... read more

Gay Germans' joy and angst
Equal marriage will be celebrated at Gay Pride Berlin, but adoption is still a thorny issue. ... read more

The President turns up the heat on Senate Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare
President Donald Trump unleashed a blistering critique of the Affordable Care Act at the White House on Monday and ratcheted up the pressure on Senate Republicans to keep their campaign promise to repeal and replace the law.
... read more

Trump urges GOP to support repeal
Speaking at the White House, President Donald Trump turned on the pressure for Senate Republicans to keep their campaign promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.
... read more

Schumer: Democrats' top priority is health care, not Russia
Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Senate's top Democrat, denied Monday that his party is overly fixated on Russia as Democrats rolled out a new campaign focused on economics.
... read more

Sen. Sanders calls health care bill 'destructive' and 'irresponsible'
Sen. Bernie Sanders slammed the Senate health care bill as "destructive" and "irresponsible" in a speech at the NAACP national convention in Baltimore on Monday.
... read more

This is the week senators vote (or not) on health care
For anyone tracking Republicans' plans to repeal and replace Obamacare, this probably sounds familiar: it is possible GOP senators come back to Washington to vote on a health care proposal this week.
... read more

Nobody seems to know what's happening on health care
As Republican senators prepared to make their familiar dash to airports and train stations Thursday evening, many were in agreement: We have no clue what is happening with Obamacare repeal next week.
... read more

Federal judge gives green light on collecting voter data
A federal judge in DC declined to block President Donald Trump's voter integrity commission from collecting data on voters from 50 states in a ruling on Monday, handing a win to an administration inundated by lawsuits over the commission's request.
... read more

Kushner contradicts Trump team's denials of Russia contacts
For nearly a year, President Donald Trump and several of his top advisers have repeatedly denied that there was any contact between members of the Trump campaign and individuals tied to the Russian government. But the veracity of that story appears to be crumbling under contradictory revelations from the President's son, son-in-law and the current attorney general.
... read more

Twin Cities: Signs warning of 'easily startled' police pop up
One week after an unarmed Minneapolis woman was killed in an officer-involved shooting, street signs criticizing "easily startled" police have popped up in the Twin Cities.
... read more

Driver: I didn't know immigrants were in truck
The driver of a tractor-trailer turned deadly transporter for undocumented migrants is due to face criminal charges in a Texas court Monday in what police are calling a human trafficking crime.
... read more

States crack down on sex trafficking
Authorities have discovered what could be a massive human trafficking ring that allegedly connects at least three different states. Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley said his newest campaign is to combat human trafficking in his state. CNN's Jake Tapper reports.
... read more

Cillizza: Chuck Schumer just threw Hillary Clinton under bus
In the 2016 campaign, there was no one more loyal to Hillary Clinton than her one-time Senate colleague Chuck Schumer. He defended his fellow New Yorker and the race she ran at every turn.
... read more

How the Trump-Sessions ties fell apart
Playing pundit again on Monday morning, President Donald Trump delivered a bleak assessment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' standing in his administration.
... read more

US sees more signs North Korea is preparing another missile test
North Korea appears to be preparing for another missile test, according to a US Defense official. The official said that transporter vehicles carrying ballistic missile launching equipment were seen arriving in Kusong, North Korea on Friday.
... read more

NYT wants apology from Fox News
The New York Times says Fox News hasn't addressed what the Times called its "sheer hypocrisy" after the network aired a report suggesting the paper had inadvertently helped ISIS' leader.
... read more

UK baby's parents give up one fight
The parents of the terminally ill British baby Charlie Gard have given up their legal fight over treatment for their son.
... read more

Moms sold girls into sex slavery
CNN's Alexandra Field catches up with three girls featured in the CNN Freedom Project's award-winning 2013 documentary, "Every Day in Cambodia." Sold into sexual slavery by their own mothers, today they have found dignity and hope through gainful employment..
... read more

Kyrie waving goodbye to LeBron, $200M deal
... read more

Justin Bieber cancels final tour dates
Sorry, Beliebers.
... read more

Storm causes new football facility to collapse
... read more

Kushner: Questioning Trump's Win 'Ridicules' His Supporters
Jared Kushner said Monday he had done nothing wrong and that his father-in-law won because he ran a better campaign — not because he received help from Moscow. ... read more

Trump: 'Obamacare Is Death'
President Trump declared Obamacare a "meaningless promise" Monday and said the healthcare law is "death". ... read more

They Voted Trump and Need Health Care. This Dem Doctor Volunteers
Ralph Northam, a pediatrician running for governor of Virginia, volunteers at a clinic in rural coal country. ... read more

Tenth Smuggling Victim Dies; Driver Could Face Death Penalty
The driver taken into custody after victims were discovered crammed into a sweltering 18-wheeler in San Antonio, Texas, is appearing in court on Monday. ... read more

So You Want to Be a Space Tourist? Here Are Your Options
Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, and Blue Origin are just three of the companies poised to offer space missions to private astronauts. ... read more

What Will Happen When Ohio Starts Executions Again?
Ohio is set to give Ronald Phillips a lethal injection Wednesday night in its first execution in more than three years. ... read more

Audio of Scalise Shooting Used in Campaign Ad
An Alabama congressman is facing intense criticism for releasing a campaign ad that includes audio of the June shooting of a Louisiana congressman. ... read more

Lawmaker Blames Female Senators for Failed Health Care Bill
A Texas Republican congressman says it's "absolutely repugnant" that the GOP- led Senate hasn't acted on repealing the health care law and he singled out "some female senators from the Northeast." Blake Farenthold said the Senate has failed to show the courage to dismantle the health care law. The Republican governor of Ohio says it would be a mistake for the Senate... ... read more

U.S. Military Plane Intercepted by Chinese Fighter Jets
Two Chinese fighter jets intercepted and nearly collided with a U.S. military surveillance aircraft in the East China Sea this week, U.S. officials said. ... read more

Moon's Interior May Hold Way More Water Than We Thought
Evidence of water deep beneath the lunar surface could have implications for how Earth got its water. The deposits could also be mined for water that could fuel future moon missions. ... read more

Elephants Rescued After Being Swept Out to Sea
A pair of pachyderms needed the help of the Sri Lankan navy to escape strong currents. ... read more

Trump County Voters Left Behind but Not Downtrodden
Voters in key counties that fueled Donald Trump's election aren't economically disadvantaged but they feel like they, and their families, are falling behind. ... read more

Charlie Gard's Parents Abandon Court Fight for U.S. Treatment
The parents of the baby Charlie Gard have ended their legal fight for an experimental U.S. treatment that they hoped could improve his condition. ... read more

Woman Livestreamed Dying Sister on Instagram After Crash
Obdulia Sanchez, 18, has been arrested in California on suspicion of causing a fatal car crash that was recorded live on Instagram. ... read more

The Important Upcoming Elections You Haven't Heard About
Democrats have a rare opportunity to win when it matters most -- if only they can get their base to pay attention to governors races. ... read more

The Legal Battle Behind the Trump Tower Meeting
When the Trumps and the Russians talk about "adoption," this is the bitter fight they're talking about. ... read more

Trump Immigration Crackdown Straining Courts, Advocates Say
President Trump's promised crackdown on illegal immigration has resulted in temporary reassignments of about one-third of the nation's immigration judges ... read more

Son Charts Mom's Heartbreaking Descent Into Dementia
Molly Daley's battle with Lewy body dementia — the second most common form of the disease in older adults after Alzheimer's — has been painstakingly chronicled by her son. ... read more

NBC News Launches 'Stay Tuned,' a Snapchat News Show
'Stay Tuned,' the first daily news show to appear on Snapchat, is being launched today by NBC News. ... read more

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