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Posted: Tue-Jan-2018

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Russia bars 'extremist' British comedy The Death of Stalin
A satirical British comedy about the ex-Soviet leader's succession has been pulled by authorities. ... read more

Police raid French rugby headquarters and president's home
Police raid the headquarters of the French Rugby Federation amid ongoing investigations into president Bernard Laporte. ... read more

Naples woman killed in 'mafia ambush'
A woman is fatally shot in an area near central Naples known for gangland violence. ... read more

EU creditors to start Greece debt-relief talks
The talks will focus on how to link any debt-relief measures to Greece's economic performance. ... read more

Germany: Plane and helicopter crash in mid-air, killing four
The cause of the crash between a small plane and a helicopter in south-western Germany is not clear. ... read more

Syria war: Thousands flee Turkish assault on Afrin enclave
The UN says 5,000 people been displaced by clashes between Turkish-led forces and Kurdish fighters. ... read more

Germany school attack: Pupil 'killed by classmate' near Dortmund
Reports say a 15-year-old student stabbed a 14-year-old boy at a secondary school near Dortmund. ... read more

UK government borrowing narrows after EU credit
Government borrowing nearly halved in December from a year earlier, official figures show. ... read more

Hong Kong book publisher 'seized from China train'
Chinese-Swedish citizen Gui Minhai was reportedly taken while escorted by two Swedish diplomats. ... read more

L'Oreal hijab model pulls out of campaign after backlash
Beauty blogger Amena Khan apologises after tweets she wrote in 2014 are branded as 'anti Israel'. ... read more

Dolores O'Riordan: Funeral Mass for Cranberries singer
The Cranberries singer, 46, died suddenly in London last week. ... read more

Alstom testing automated freight train in the Netherlands
The automated freight train can travel 100km without driver intervention. ... read more

Davos explained: In 90 seconds
The World Economic Forum kicks off its meeting in Davos, and this year Donald Trump will be among the attendees. ... read more

Too many left out of growth, says IMF boss
Too many people are still being left out of the global recovery, says IMF's Christine Lagarde. ... read more

President Macron on Trump, Brexit and Frexit
What we learnt when French President Emmanuel Macron talked to the BBC's Andrew Marr. ... read more

Deported from Belgium, tortured in Sudan?
Has Belgium failed in its duty to protect asylum seekers? ... read more

The millionaires' club with too few women
Gender equality is high on the Davos agenda this year, but does the elite gathering have its own issue? ... read more

Whatever happened to the Brexit talks?
It's been dry January for Brexit-watchers but plenty is happening behind the scenes, writes Adam Fleming. ... read more

Croatia introduces same-sex family bedtime stories
The book has been praised by LGBT campaigners but not everyone is excited, writes the BBC's Guy De Launey. ... read more

The businessman exiled for being Jewish
As a 19-year-old Adam Ringer was kicked out of Poland during an anti-Semitic purge, but he returned two decades later to become a key business leader. ... read more

Flake-Graham-Durbin immigration plan should be considered 'dead on arrival,' Sanders says
... read more

Schumer takes money for border wall off the table
Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer took funding for President Donald Trump's border wall off the table in negotiations over immigration issues with the White House, according to a Democratic aide.
... read more

Paul: Trump border wall cost is 'outrageous'
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) discusses President Trump's request for border wall funding in an immigration compromise with CNN's Jake Tapper.
... read more

Trump's campaign promise report card
CNN's John King breaks down where Trump's big campaign promises stand one year into his presidency.
... read more

Actor: I'm a DACA recipient. Please don't deport me.
I am an undocumented actor and filmmaker who is working legally in the United States. If this sentence reads like a contradiction, let me assure you it is not.
... read more

Begala: Stephen Miller's role shows Trump is an empty suit
The government shutdown is over for now. Senate Democrats have agreed to fund the government. Senate Republicans have said they would give Democrats a vote to allow Dreamers -- young people brought to this country as children -- to stay. What remains to be seen is how the President will handle immigration going forward -- and by "President," I mean Stephen Miller.
... read more

Washington Post: Mueller seeking to question Trump
Special counsel Robert Mueller is seeking to interview President Donald Trump about his dismissal of former FBI Director James Comey and his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.
... read more

Poll: 78% say Trump should testify if asked
Almost 8 in 10 Americans say President Donald Trump should testify under oath if asked to do so for the investigation being run by special counsel Robert Mueller, including majorities across party lines, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS.
... read more

Comey and Sessions were questioned
Attorney General Jeff Sessions was questioned for several hours last week by special counsel Robert Mueller's office as part of the investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election, and investigators spoke with former FBI Director James Comey last year, sources told CNN.
... read more

Trump trails Sanders, Biden and Oprah
President Donald Trump faces an uphill climb to re-election in 2020 against a slate of prominent potential Democratic hopefuls, according to new polling from CNN conducted by SSRS.
... read more

Did Trump just start a trade war with China?
... read more

Trump touts African-American job gains
President Trump takes credit for African-American job gains and a record low unemployment rate, but that may not translate into support from black communities. CNN's Athena Jones reports.
... read more

Analysis: The big question about Stormy Daniels
On Monday in Jerusalem, Vice President Mike Pence was asked about porn star Stormy Daniels and her alleged relationship with President Donald Trump.
... read more

Photo of President Trump during shutdown draws criticism
Twitter mocks President Trump for "staging" empty desk photo op. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.
... read more

Melania won't join Trump in Davos
First lady Melania Trump, in a change of plans, will not be joining President Donald Trump on his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, later this week.
... read more

What happened when this public school student sued over prayer
Kaylee Cole walks into school each morning and has breakfast with friends.
... read more

Sen. Tammy Duckworth is pregnant
Sen. Tammy Duckworth will make history when she becomes the first sitting senator in history to give birth later this year, her office said Tuesday.
... read more

NFL rejects Super Bowl ad from vets group
... read more

Hawaii governor couldn't correct false missile alert because he forgot his Twitter password
When Hawaii pushed out a ballistic missile alert earlier this month, Gov. David Ige knew within two minutes it was a false alarm. But he couldn't hop on Twitter and tell everybody -- because he didn't know his password.
... read more

2 killed in Kentucky school shooting
A shooting took place Tuesday at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky, Benton City Clerk Beth Cooper told CNN. All officers at the Benton Police Department office inside City Hall left to go to the scene, Cooper said. Injuries have been reported, a Kentucky State Police spokesman said.
... read more

Two dead, more than a dozen wounded in Kentucky school shooting
A 15-year-old male student at Marshall County High School in Benton was taken into custody and faces possible charges of murder and attempted murder, NBC News has confirmed. ... read more

'Same blood' bonds unified Korean Olympic hockey team
Kim Jong Un's regime isn't worried about a lack of bonding as the Korean Olympic women's hockey team bids for it own "miracle on ice." ... read more

Oscar nods include milestones and some notable snubs
As usual, there were Oscar snubs and surprises: Greta Gerwig and Jordan Peele scored. James Franco was locked out. ... read more

Addicts who lived at Florida sober home called 'No Drug Zone' overdosed
Mikaya Feucht's mother told sober home operator Albert Jones she'd see him in court after her daughter overdosed and died. Jones just pleaded guilty to fraud. ... read more

Local news doesn't have a profit problem, corporations do
In November, the FCC under Ajit Pai voted to eliminate longstanding restrictions on media ownership, paving the way for massive corporations to control a larger share of the media market. Margot Susca from American University joins us to explain what's at stake. ... read more

Comey, Sessions interviewed by Mueller's team in Russia probe
The special counsel's investigators have spoken to both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former FBI Director James Comey, who was fired by President Trump. ... read more

Poll: Democrats, Trump to blame for government shutdown
Americans blame President Donald Trump and Democrats in Congress about equally for the shutdown, a new NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll finds. ... read more

Gold medalist Shawn Johnson: I wouldn't let my daughter join gymnastics
Shawn Johnson won gold in at the 2008 Olympics but now says USA Gymnastics is so broken she wouldn't let a child join the sport. ... read more

Trump slaps hefty tariffs on solar panels, washing machines
The administration says the decision is part of Trump's pledge to put American companies and jobs first. ... read more

Tsunami alerts canceled for West Coast after massive quake
A tsunami watch issued for coastal areas from Washington state to California was canceled nearly three hours after a magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck the Gulf of Alaska. ... read more

Can a fungus from WWII fix our crumbling infrastructure?
Researchers say adding fungal spores to concrete gives it the ability to repair itself. ... read more

Then and now: Montecito cleans up after deadly mudslides
The Southern California community begins to rebuild after devastating mudslides. ... read more

Why those corporate bonuses actually aren't great for you
What kind of economic impact are President Donald Trump's tax cuts having on corporations' employees and business investments? It depends on whom you ask. ... read more

E-cigs hook teens, but safer for adult smokers
E-cigarettes may be a less dangerous way to use tobacco, but vaping can hook teens and young adults and raise their risk of becoming smokers, a report finds. ... read more

N. Korean who blew up jetliner casts doubt on Kim Jong Un's Olympic motives
According to Kim Hyun-hui, Kim Jong Un's regime is using the looming PyeongChang 2018 Olympics to try to separate South Korea from its ally, the United States. ... read more

Gymnastics culture is rotten to the core. Larry Nassar is just the beginning.
I wrote about the systemic child abuse occurring in elite gymnastics in 1995. Why has change taken so long? ... read more

City field: Democratic mayors emerge as hot prospects for 2020
Bill de Blasio. Eric Garcetti. Mitch Landrieu. Pete Buttigieg. Now, they make sure the trash gets picked up. Soon, they might compete for the presidency. ... read more

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