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Updated: 20th September 2018 16:02

Bulldog rescue group not eligible for raffle licence

The Alberta Bulldog Rescue Society would like Alberta's raffle licence rules to be changed.

The Alberta Bulldog Rescue Society can't hold 50-50 draw because it only cares for one breed of dog

Jason Schultz is the treasurer of the Alberta Bulldog Rescue Society.

A not-for-profit that rescues bulldogs says it should be allowed to raise money through 50-50 draws, but the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission won't let them because they only care for one breed of dog.

The Alberta Bulldog Rescue Society is hosting a comedy show to raise money next month. The group applied for a raffle licence under $10,000 through the AGLC, but it was declined.

"We felt that it was a little unfair and punitive targeting a breed-specific rescue saying that your purposes aren't charitable," society treasurer Jason Schultz said.

"We're not holding large-scale events, this is simply an add-on thing. We want to do an existing event with existing people that have already come to one of our events. We're not soliciting to the public, we're not looking to do a big, broad sweeping lottery," Schultz said.

Rules are rules

"We don't licence breed-specific groups no matter what type of animal it is," AGLC spokesperson Aleesha Bruno-Jex said.

Bruno-Jex said rules have to be followed to the letter.

"We did have a great conversation with Jason back in February and what he was saying definitely makes sense. We noted his comments and are definitely looking into the possibility of changing our policies," she said.

In the meantime, Bruno-Jex said the bulldog society can raise money in other ways like auctions and donations.

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