A Calgary-based cross-country ski club says it has dodged a bullet and raised enough money to build and maintain a public trail at the Confederation Park Golf Club.

The Foothills Nordic Ski Club set up a crowdfunding page to raise $65,000 to buy a mobile snow making machine as club members say the equipment is the only way to maintain a reliable ski trail in Calgary, thanks to the chinooks.

Club president Kevin McLean says they've now raised more than $73,000.

"Times are tough but people are passionate about skiing," McLean told CBC News.

Kevin McLean

Kevin McLean, president of the Foothills Nordic Ski Club, says their fundraising efforts have paid off, after they raised $8,000 more than they hoped for. A groomed cross country ski trail at Confederation Park is now closely to reality. (Dave Gilson/CBC)

The club wants to build a five-kilometres trail on the city run golf course this winter but they're still working through the approval process.

Veteran skier and club member David Vetsch says they already use the course when there's enough snow, but snow making equipment will be a big boost for recreational and competitive skiers.

"We need something else, otherwise you're going to have to be driving out to the mountains to get reliable snow," Vetsch said.

Kevin McLean calls Confederation Park a mid-term plan.

He'd like to see the city and sports organizations consider something more in the years ahead.

"Where do we make that big facility, world class facility in our city that people want to come and ski at?" he wonders.

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