Fidget spinners are out and hoverboards are in.

The Calgary Eyeopener has put together an expert panel of toy testers — four children of CBC Calgary staff and one of their friends — in preparation for the upcoming holiday and gift-buying season.

A few top picks are long-time favourites.

"Everyone wants Lego a lot," Julia Harris said.

The children agreed sets are cool but can be tricky if any pieces are lost. So mixed up generic Lego can be more fun and creative.

My Little Pony was popular for a similar reason.

"You could have a lot of fun with it and they could float," Kriscel Comia said. "They don't drown in the deep."

Julia Harris and Kriscel Comia

Eight-year-olds Julia Harris and Kriscel Comia vote for Lego and My Little Pony as top toys.

But the most enthusiasm came for Nerf guns.

"I asked my friends at school what they want for Christmas," Luke Waddall, 7, said.

"So, a nerf gun paint gun or like a mega nerf gun. The biggest nerf gun you can find."

Luke Waddell

Seven-year-old Luke Waddell, pictured here with his toy monster truck, polled his classmates and determined Nerf guns are the toy of the season. (Paul Karchut/CBC)

Hoverboards got a good review for their versatility and durability.

The boards with two wheels move around depending on which way you're leaning, nine-year-old Noah Oster explained. He received one for his birthday in October — and it was an adventure from the start, his twin sister said.

"They're pretty tough toys, but he just drove it down the stairs," Lily Oster said. 

"There is warranty on almost every toy," Noah said.

Noah and Lily Oster

Nine-year-old twins Noah and Lily Oster. (Paul Karchut/CBC)

Fidget spinners, those plastic, twirling three-pronged devices, became hugely popular this fall — and were considered the hottest gadget among children.

But no more, the toy testers say.

"Fidget spinners, they were so popular," Lily said. "But then, like, everyone was getting them every day, and then it just died down. "

Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners, the hand-held twirling gadgets, have taken over classrooms and cubicles. (The Associated Press)

This seems to be a trend, Luke noted. Fidget cubes, which also served the purpose of keeping hands active, have dropped off the radar after a surge in popularity, he said.

"Now I'm wondering which toy, what else they're going to fidget with, if they all go down," he said.

But, he notes, certain ways to have fun are tried, true and can't be bought.

"My favourite toy I really ever had was my family and my friends," Luke said.

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With files from Paul Karchut and the Calgary Eyeopener

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