There's a lot riding on Sydney Daines' last go-round at Northlands Coliseum.

The 21-year-old and her horse Flame are competing in the barrel racing event at next week's 44th annual Canadian Finals Rodeo on in Edmonton from Nov. 8-12.

Sure there's prize money and barn bragging rights, but there's also a family legacy at stake.

"My dad is Duane Daines. He competed here 13 times at the CFR. He was a two-time all-around Canadian champ and my mother is Cheryl Daines."

Duane and Cheryl Daines

Duane and Cheryl Daines pose in 1988 at the Canadian Finals Rodeo. (Miss Rodeo Canada)

Cheryl Daines was Miss Rodeo Canada 1988 and competed twice in the barrel racing at Northlands, once when Sydney was a baby.

"I don't remember it, but I was here," said the athlete, who in her spare time also plays on the University of Alberta Pandas soccer team.

Then there's Sydney's grandfather, Jack Daines, a mover and shaker in the pro-rodeo circuit from the family's home town of Innisfail south of Red Deer.

The Daines gather every year in section 120, in the seats next to the announcers booth, to catch up on the year that was and to watch the rodeo action unfold.

"Our cousins fly in from Ontario, we have cousins from Calgary that come here," Daines said.

Sydney Daines is hoping is she can do the family legacy proud one last time, the final go-round for the CFR at the Nothlands Coliseum.

'Our family's legacy'2:03

Northlands president and CEO Tim Reid calls it a bitter-sweet send off to 44 years of rodeo history.

He recalls taking his young sons Liam and Eli behind the chutes.

"Having some of the cowboys introduce them to the animals and let them see the size of the bulls will be a memory that will last with me forever," Reid said.

Eli and Liam Reid

Eli and Liam Reid gearing up for the 44th annual Canadian Finals Rodeo at Northlands Coliseum. (Tim Reid)

In September, Edmonton city council decided to close the Coliseum permanently at the end of the year.

Reid says Northlands will concentrate its efforts on K-Days and the growing Farm Fair International.

The big question now, even before this years event kicks off, is where will next year's event be held?

Jeff Robson, the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association representative and a team-roping competitor, who has hit the dirt at Northlands in the CFR four times himself, is coming up with a plan.

"Right now there are four cities looking at it and it's exciting to have that level of interest," he said.

He won't say who the other contenders are, except to say "Edmonton is one of them," and that the CFR is in discussions with the Oilers Entertainment Group about Rogers Place.

"We have to look at what's best for our association and the event," Robson said.

"We need to make sure generations to come are going to get every bit or more opportunity that we had."

Robson believes the final decision will not be made before the sun sets on the 44th CFR.

Now is the time to "give the Coliseum the send off it deserves," he said.

You can see more from Northlands this week on Our Edmonton. That's 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday and Monday at 11 a.m. on CBC TV.

Northlands Coliseum

Northlands Coliseum will revert back to the City of Edmonton on Jan. 1. (John Robertson/CBC)

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