Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti says it's time for Mayor John Tory's ongoing fight for more provincial funding to go further — with a city-wide campaign backed by council.

Mammoliti and Coun. Mary Fragedakis are set to introduce a motion at the next council meeting asking staff to look into Toronto's options when it comes to launching a campaign calling on the province to commit to funding major infrastructure projects like social housing repairs and future transit projects.

The initiative could include campaigns on traditional and social media, the notice of motion says.

"It's time that we kick and scream a little bit, but do it tactfully," Mammoliti told CBC Toronto on Thursday.

Toronto Mayor John Tory Podium

Mayor John Tory has been speaking at this podium in recent weeks. (John Rieti/CBC)

Tory has frequently called on councillors to support his calls for Queen's Park to do more. Regarding the motion, Tory's spokesperson Don Peat said "the mayor welcomes any councillor joining him in standing up for Toronto."

The provincial government, meanwhile, has stood by its investments in the city, including those made in its latest budget.

Mammoliti said with an Ontario election looming, the time is right for the city to keep the pressure on.

"The worst thing the province can do is pick a fight with the city of Toronto," he said.

"It's a losing battle for them."

The York-West councillor didn't get into specifics about what the city-wide campaign could look like, but said it's important for the city to educate residents about how little money in taxes it takes in compared to other levels of government. 

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