The business world is changing...for good. What’s Working: Purpose + Profit, will highlight cutting edge organizations and inspiring leaders who are finding sustainable solutions to many of the world's toughest issues. From the rise of benefit corporations (b-corps) and impact investing to social entrepreneurs and innovators, this section will feature news articles, profiles, blogs and other editorial content focused on what we can and are doing to create purposeful enterprises that are benefiting people, communities and society-at-large without sacrificing profit. If you'd like to contribute, please email purposeplusprofit @huffingtonpost.com.

Nike Middle East's Badass New Ad Breaks Barriers And Defies Stereotypes

The Future Of Food Is Black

Kohshin Finley

These Accountants Are The Only People Who Know The Oscar Results


How Movies Teach Us About Purpose

andresr via Getty Images

States See Value In Backing ‘Food Hubs’ for Farmers, Consumers

Thomas Barwick

For Great Results: Entrepreneur - Know Thyself!

Yuji Sakai

One Company's Approach to Bridging the Digital Divide

Comcast NBCUniversal
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