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Updated: 3rd February 2020 11:16Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo

The mom and decluttering expert is sharing her method with kids in a new children's book.
Marie Kondo's shop offers necessities like a $50 "tuning fork" and a $96 ladle.
"Sir David Attenborough is the Beyoncé of show narration."
"Kids are sponges. Except when it comes to cleaning up their own messes."
In case you already binged the third season.
The lifestyle and organizational expert dazzled in pink as she arrived on the red carpet.
The Muscles From Brussels helped James Corden clean up a couple's house in a terrifying way.
While there are benefits to Marie Kondo's theory, it's not a solution that works for everyone.
Her method had liberated so many people, so why couldn't it work for me too?
What you need to organize a small kitchen, closet, bathroom, bedroom and living room.
"Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" bears little resemblance to the divisive, book-hating show described on social media.
Decluttering a house full of kids' stuff can be rough.
Backlash to the Netflix show ignores an essential aspect of the KonMari method: Its Shinto roots.
The organizing expert’s methods could actually spark dysfunction for people with this disorder.
As Marie Kondo's Netflix series shows, decluttering and organizing can do wonders for your relationship.
Take a page from the charmingly addictive Netflix show and organize your love life, KonMari style.
The book helped me to treat the symptom, but it didn’t cure the underlying issue.