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Updated: 15th November 2019 08:04Mental Health

Mental Health

Your financial woes could literally be making you sick.
Here are the best ways to set boundaries with your relatives and protect your mental health.
Travel and mental health experts examine the common tendency to delay and ways to stop stalling post-vacation.
A new report found that political discord and mass shootings are both significant sources of anxiety for most Americans.
The superstar got candid about trauma and PTSD in a powerful new Elle magazine interview with Oprah Winfrey.
Most counties in the U.S. don't have a single child psychiatrist, new research says.
Experts explain just what's happening to you physically and mentally when you do 26.2 miles.
Hatty, age 2, will work with children as well as people with mental health issues who have been the victims of assault is supposed to be a resource for people seeking treatment for addiction. It leaves out some key facts.
There’s a lot of loneliness in having someone discount who you are for something you can’t control.
Plus: This 9-year-old girl is empowered by her skateboard.
The actor opened up about the benefits of mental health help. Her comments also highlight points that often aren't addressed.
My life could've been different if I had the resources to understand my experience.
Here's what parents and caregivers need to know.
The "Good Place" star talked about the incident to mark World Mental Health Day and said she hoped to "de-stigmatize the conversation around asking for help."
Imposter syndrome and racial discrimination work hand in hand to tear down our self-esteem and mental health.
Therapists share the best ways to approach someone about seeking help from a mental health professional.
"Hormonal. Sleep deprivation. Fogginess. Physical pain. Isolation. Anxiety."
When Denisha Bracey was dealing with anxiety and panic attacks, her boyfriend came up with a thoughtful way to help her feel better.