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Updated: 4th February 2020 16:18Self-Care


Drinking has been popularized as a form of self-care for exhausted parents. The only problem is, it's not.
From a Netflix binge to thoughtful end-of-day moments, here's what parents do for some “me” time.
"I had a birthday cake to bake and Easter baskets to build. I had responsibilities and deadlines. I didn’t have time for this."
After all, every parent deserves some "me" time.
“I deserve to be happy,” the “Truth Hurts” singer stated on Instagram.
No expensive and bogus jade eggs, moon dust or crystals here.
We talked to influencers to find out what their beauty cabinets say about their own sense of vanity.
One question I hadn’t considered as I began this journey was: What happens when the honeymoon is over?
The "Truth Hurts" singer told a fan on Twitter that she's been working on loving herself for the 10 years: "Give your growth time."
Experts share why bad dreams happen and how to stop them so you can get some damn sleep.
Kamala Harris is a spin class and cooking devotee and Cory Booker meditates daily.
Real women share what they actually do to take care of themselves.
Your favorite skin care products may be damaging the environment.
Because you deserve to love yourself as well as you love everyone else.
These research-backed habits will make your life so much better.
The congresswoman-elect asked on Instagram for "any and all self-care tips" as she prepares for "a few days in the middle of nowhere."
Wellness isn't just for women. Give a guy in your life a gift that he'll actually appreciate.
Most self-care is not connected to political organizing, nor is it warfare against capitalism. Self-care is big business.