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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00Donald Trump

Donald Trump

White House reporters at the press conference said President Trump was led out of the room by a Secret Service agent.
People panned his choices as "an abuse of power," "criminally corrupt," and "a choice between illegal or sacrilegious."
That extra $400 is actually just $300, unless your state feels like kicking in.

With the 2020 election months away, political advertisements have overtaken television radio and social media, but how effective are they in trying to sway voters?
President Donald Trump attempted to sidestep Congress after negotiations between Democrats and Republicans remain at an impasse over new coronavirus aid.
GOP lawmakers who once railed against "executive overreach" are suddenly singing a different tune.
President Donald Trump has joked about wanting to be on Mount Rushmore, however South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem tried to make his dream come true.
President Donald Trump is once against feuding with Anthony Scaramucci, his former White House communications director.
The former White House communications director said the GOP could become "a minority party for a generation" because of Trump.
“This is something that was thrown together by somebody who has paid no attention to how these things actually work."