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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:00The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Both Meghan and Prince Harry have decried the racist and misogynistic way the press has covered the Duchess of Sussex.
"These five women are not on trial, and nor am I,” the Duchess of Sussex said.
In court docs, the Duchess of Sussex's legal team continued to deny Meghan's participation or advance knowledge of an anonymous interview with her friends.
“My wife said recently that our generation and the ones before us haven’t done enough to right the wrongs of the past. I too am sorry,” the Duke of Sussex said during the 2020 Diana Awards.
Visitors are being urged to stop urinating and defecating "right next to busy paths or monuments."
In addition to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the agency also represents the Obamas, the Clintons and Oprah Winfrey.
The Duke of Cambridge met researchers working for the Oxford Vaccine Group on Wednesday.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent Tuesday with members of Homeboy Industries.
The Duchess of Cambridge also snapped a sweet photo of William and Prince Charles for Father's Day.
England rugby fans have sung "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" for decades. That may change soon.