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Updated: 31st December 1969 17:002020 Election

2020 Election

The lame duck president made his most definitive declaration yet about a comeback campaign.
The Fox News host recalled being urged to stop Trump from interrupting Biden.
The comedian's latest moniker for the president has a very familiar feel.
"The president is peddling an idea that is not true to people who want it to be true," explained the CNN anchor.

The attorney general, a faithful Trump ally, admitted there was no evidence of widespread vote fraud that would change the election outcome.
Republican Gabriel Sterling decried threats against election workers and implored the president and senators to step up and show leadership.
The attorney general's belated announcement about the lack of evidence of fraud may finally push some elected Republicans to concede to reality.
The outgoing president's post-election fundraising committee could well be a legal slush fund for his personal expenses.
President Donald Trump has been using claims of election fraud to fundraise for his political future, according to multiple reports. The campaign has reportedly raised between $150 and $170 million since Election Day.
His comments come despite President Donald Trump's repeated claims that the election was stolen.