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Updated: 2nd December 2020 00:45Belarus


Maria Kolesnikova was reportedly put on a minibus in the capital, Minsk, and driven away by unidentified people.
Election workers said they saw ballot fraud or were pressured to falsify results in favor of President Alexander Lukashenko.
European Union leaders held an emergency summit Wednesday on the country’s contested presidential election and fierce crackdown on demonstrators.
Some 6,000 people have been detained in a crackdown on those protesting an election they say was rigged to extend the rule of the country's authoritarian leader.

The city of Minsk erupted in pro-democracy protests as critics question exit polls showing a strong victory for authoritarian incumbent Aleksander Lukashenko.
President Donald Trump is expanding his controversial travel ban to include six more countries.
Kremlin watchers are trying to predict what will happen after Putin’s current six-year term ends in 2024.
Over the past several months, Belarus has returned to the international spotlight, due to the outbreak of mass protests over
Veranika Laputska, Polish Academy of Sciences and Aliaksandr Papko Recent months have seen unprecedented social protest in
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