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Updated: 5th February 2020 22:21Health professional

Health professional

Shutting down anyone who says to "just relax" is an act of self-care.
The Health and Human Services' "conscience" rule would have allowed health care workers to refuse to treat patients based on moral and religious beliefs.
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The company said it will close 150 Walgreens-run clinics by the end of the year, but it will keep open more than 200 that are run in partnership with health care providers.
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Title X provides federal dollars for health programs to detect, treat and prevent STIs. Obria Medical Clinic tells its patients that abstinence, not condoms, is the way to do that.

Plant-based oils may smell great, but many experts say they don’t live up to their health claims.
Nearly a quarter of reported violations of pumping law came from health care workers, a “pink-collar job” where 78 percent of workers are women.
A government report found the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy caused serious mental health problems in detained children.
The Health and Human Services Department notified clinics it will begin enforcing a ban on abortion referrals and on federal funding for reproductive care.
Under the administration's "conscience protections," health care workers can object to performing procedures on patients for moral or religious reasons.
Evidence shows women are often deemed “overly dramatic” and dismissed by medical professionals, which has deadly consequences.
The revelations about Northam gave many African-Americans a new reason to be distrustful of doctors.
Sometimes infertility is a reflection of the health care system we put up with.
Because this sadly happens more than you might think.
Let's start with the difference between a doula and a midwife.
An attack on women's health care earlier this month is one example of an outrage that barely gets noticed.
How far-fetched are the racy bits in medical dramas? Some real-life doctors and nurses educate us.