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Updated: 5th February 2020 05:28Law enforcement agency

Law enforcement agency

World News
The Duke of York has also said he will help with any investigations into his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.
U.S. News
Roughly 88% of all the agencies in the report claimed to have zero hate crimes whatsoever.
The law prohibits local governments from enacting "sanctuary" polices that protect undocumented immigrants from deportation
U.S. News
“It’s a pretty controversial profession.”

U.S. News
Arrests under the program spiked from fewer than 300 a month in mid-2016 to 945 in January 2018.
Law enforcement agencies across the country lost at least 159 officers to suicide in 2018.
It is unclear whether the order will be signed by President Donald Trump.
Black Voices
Facial recognition software often does not properly identify darker-skinned people.
Because social media is a largely unregulated environment, law enforcement is advancing into the field unchecked. We need to start laying down guidelines for law enforcement access to social networking data.